Fast Facts

CEO and Founder

 : Mrs Sravanthi


 : RennixIQ Infotech

Year of Founding

 : 2016

Other Key Executives

 : Srinivas, Mohemmed Rasool, Vinod





Consulting Team Strength

 : 20+

Leading BPO Projects

 : Paytm, solar Appointments, Health Care (free cancer test)


 : Privately held

RTB (Run the Business)

: Application Lifecycle Services (ALiS), Software Development Services, Product Development,
ERP and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

CTB (Change the Business)

: Data Sciences, Cloud and Mobility

BCS (Business Consulting Services)

: Application Consulting, Man Power Consulting

Industries served

 : Healthcare, Financial services, Transportation services, Hospitality Services

Worldwide Headquarters

 : Bangalore

Delivery Headquarters

 : Bangalore

Number of delivery centers

 : 2