The RennixIQ Near shore-Offshore hybrid global delivery model is a highly regarded framework that combines the best-in-class resources of our offshore center with the geographical proximity of our onshore center to deliver high quality, quicker time to value, cost effective services to our clients.

In this delivery model, the deliverables are distributed between the near shore center and the offshore center. The near shore center is responsible for client co-ordination and relationship management. It acts as an intermediary between the client and the offshore team. The distribution of near shore-offshore work varies by project but is typically 20-80 in favor of the offshore team.

The near shore team is typically responsible for information and requirement gathering, specification analysis, engagement planning and initial design. In addition, the near shore team also co-ordinates with the client and maintains constant communication to ensure responsiveness and agility in case of changes in specifications. The near shore team also maintains constant communication with the offshore team to ensure on-time service delivery. Once the project has been developed, the near shore team is responsible for implementation and change management on the client’s premises.

The offshore development center undertakes thorough and comprehensive design based on the specifications communicated by the near shore team. It leverages the talent pool and best-in-class resources to develop and deliver the projects to the near shore team. Testing and quality assurance prior to deliver are also the responsibility of the offshore team. In an ongoing engagement, post deployment, the offshore team is also responsible for providing 24×7 technical and operational support in conjunction with the near shore team.

This delivery framework is preferred when the client does not want to add to cost overheads by accommodating an onsite team but also wants the benefits of geographical proximity to maintain tighter co-ordination and communication. In development centric engagements, the near shore team does the project scoping and requirement analysis before handing over the development specifications to the offshore team. The offshore team then develops and tests the system before handing it back to the near shore team for implementation and knowledge transfer.

The advantages of the RennixIQ Near shore-offshore Hybrid Global Delivery model are: