Over the past weeks, many of our clients have expressed their trust in the quality of the work performed by the IP Firms we partner with around the world. This is a clear sign of the importance of establishing robust and strategic partnerships whilst helping IP Attorneys to better anticipate and minimise the filing costs of their clients whilst optimising the related procedures.


RennixIQ Infotech recognize the responds to trends and innovation with practical strategies that solve business problems for clients. With decade of success in the international IT marketplace, RennixIQ Infotech has provided expertise with our 500 diversify consultants modified to the specific need who operate out of multiple offices worldwide.

We value our clients and partners as we understand the value of customer satisfaction. We believe that efficient and well planned customer satisfaction and loyalty research allows us to benefit greatly from the valuable insights our customers have to offer.

RennixIQ Infotech can combine its process methodology and unique industry knowledge to minimize delivery time frames and minimized availability. You can share joint selling and joint consulting opportunities. We also offer cost reduction services, which is an added benefit to IT support. Emphasizes on partnering shared vision and strategic technological planning are so expanding opportunities which offers greater profit improved efficiency and outstanding value.