Why We Are Succesful

We provide Key Solutions

Cryptomathic's advanced cryptography and key management products were developed to solve the above problems relating to the banking sector. This sector relies heavily on cryptography to securely provide services to its customers. With e-commerce technology expanding to more channels and presenting further business opportunities, organisations are striving to take advantage of the new services they can offer to their customers. Fundamentally, the security for all e-commerce is based around cryptography and the secure handling of the cryptographic keys. Having the right key managment system in place enables a business to be agile in its services offering while maintaning control, flexibilty, scalablity, compliance and protection against attacks.

Our work culture

At RennixIQ Infotech, we believe our success is a result of the quality and depth of our staff. We take care of our team and never shy away from giving them an opportunity to shine. We seek to provide our people with a sense of individual purpose and achievement in a flexible, supportive and creative environment. With RennixIQ Infotech, we take a hands-on approach and give our staff variety in their work tasks across multiple disciplines and endless opportunities for learning and development.


Some key points we follow to achive the quality team work are:

  • Solid variety and challenging work projects

  • Accessible support from Senior Management

  • Family-friendly

  • embedded systems

  • Professional and relaxed environment

  • Flexible work hours

  • Open communication encouraged between team as part of active mentoring