Renewing and building new capabilities to create the future of technology for the Public Sector

Around the world, public sector organizations are facing a range of challenges such as complex mission requirements, high expectations of citizen service levels, rapid technology changes, and increased budget pressures. Our mission is to help public sector organizations address these challenges, and deliver improved outcomes. We bring commercial best practices and industry solutions to suit specific requirements in different regions / countries, and renowned execution capabilities to deliver measurable value with predictability.

Public sector organizations face immense pressure and uncertainty in executing their missions. They need to comply with complex mandates and meet stringent timelines cost-effectively. Increasing consumerism offers an opportunity to engage constituents in service delivery while improving reach at lower costs. Insights and innovation are crucial to chart the right course, and strategic partners to support smarter execution. Public sector organizations need to renew existing systems and build new capabilities to support mission outcomes.

Our value proposition

We blend our industry-leading expertise in consulting, technology, and sourcing to help our clients solve complex business problems and unlock value. Our innovative technology-based solutions combine global public sector experience with commercial practices from industries such as healthcare and financial services, and proven execution and delivery to support mission outcomes:

Cross-industry experience

Fusing expertise from healthcare, financial services, transportation, and other industries with global public sector experience across federal, state and local, and quasi-government to bring unique insights and solutions

Linking strategy and execution

Consulting expertise and value frameworks such as IMPACT / VRM to prioritize focus areas and investments aligned with agency mission and initiatives; strategy, roadmap and full range of business and IT solutions for implementation, testing, and support


Solutions and accelerators to fast-track deployment; strategic partnerships with best-of-breed technology specialists to configure and provide complete solutions.